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You Are What You Wear

“What you wear can influence your thinking and negotiating skills, and even hormone levels and heart rate”

– Matthew Hutson

Since we started Narrative, our community has been telling us that when they wear our jewelry they feel better about themselves. Words like ‘polished’, ‘elevated’, ‘special’ and ‘pulled together’ are common. 

Steph and I know that we can’t leave the house without our signature pieces. Without them we feel like we’re missing a part of our person, but, what about others who maybe aren’t as obsessed with jewelry as we are? Turns out… Other women feel the same!

Psychologists have discovered that what we wear can change how we feel about ourselves. If you’re wearing something that’s YOU, and that makes you feel feminine and complete, you’ll hold your head a bit higher, and you’ll appear brighter. Likely, the people around you will notice you because you’re glowing from the inside out. 

Fashion psychology, (yes this is a real thing)involves applying psychological theories, practices and approaches to various aspects within the fashion industry.Shakaila Forbes-Bell, founder ofFashion is Psychology specializes in fashion psychology and helps clients and companies provide insight into how purchases shape us and enables us to navigate different elements of our identity. Studies have revealed a feedback loop between what we wear and our mood, confirming that how we dress can boost our morale, build confidence and even improve relaxation.

When it comes to jewelry, some of these attributes are heightened.

What makes a piece of jewelry important is the meaning it holds. Jewelry can also speak to a person’s status in the community, their wealth, social status and culture. Unlike clothing that can rip or wear out, jewelry can be worn for generations, giving it even more history and significance. 

How do you find the pieces that will bring about the best version of YOU? First acknowledge that your personal style is an extension of yourself. Once you accept this, you need to decide which side of yourself you want to share with the outside world.

Your jewelry can tell a lot about you, and also create the feelings you wish to feel about yourself. When picking out your perfect piece, consider the meaning behind the jewelry you choose. This will allow you to tap into the side of you that might need a little love and  embrace your most authentic self. 

How do you create your signature look? Follow our guide for three easy steps to create a completely authentic, personalized jewelry look.