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We Are The Narrative

We empower and inspire busy Moms to look and feel their best for their day ahead, no matter how big or small.

Cool Mom Jewelry.

Cool Mom Jewelry is more than just a necklace or bracelet. It's a badge of honor. It celebrates the uncelebrated work of us moms. It inspires us to be strong and brave for our kids. To lead by example. To become role models. To make healthy smoothies with hidden chia seeds and to take that extra moment to breathe when things get crazy. Cool Mom Jewelry celebrates the love we have for our kids and reminds us of how badass we are on this journey as mothers.

Mom to Mom.

We’re here for you, Moms. The women who work into the night for free as teachers, therapists, chefs, cheerleaders, coaches, and … parents. You are the unsung heroes and it’s about time you were celebrated. 

And, that’s what Narrative does. We celebrate the S#!& out of being a Mom. 

We create the coolest, most meaningful, high-quality, wearable jewelry that celebrates our kids and honors us as moms.

Real Deal Moms.

We are a company of real deal moms who are passionate about what we create and are passionate about the women we serve.

Every product we create is tried and tested by ours truly to make sure our pieces are durable, wearable, lasting and beautiful.

Narrative Gives Back

Every Narrative purchase supports women, mental health and wellness. Our philanthropy efforts are personal and near and dear to our hearts. We give to those organizations that mean something to us personally and benefit our community at large.