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A mom’s hard work goes uncelebrated. We wanted to change that.

We design meaningful jewelry pieces meant to be mixed, matched, layered and personalized to make moms feel their best, no matter where their hectic day might take them. 

Here's our story.

About Staci + Stephanie

Welcome! We’re Staci and Stephanie (we know, quintessential 80’s names…) who met when our kids were in kindergarten. Our friendship started as the simple “Hey” wave to each other in the pick-up line and grew quickly into that of sisters. Within months of each other, we both lost our moms to cancer, after being primary caretakers and nursing them through hospice until the end.

Soon after losing our moms, Covid hit. During Covid-Quarantine we homeschooled our kids together and realized we worked pretty well as a team. During that time we also homeschooled another child who had lost her mom to cancer only months before. We pulled up our Mom jeans, banded together and became teachers, therapists, chefs, coaches and cheerleaders to our little community.

When chatting with other moms, they were doing the same. Rolling up their sleeves and getting to work for their kids. Moms across the world were doing what moms do best… take care of everyone, except ourselves. 

And that’s when the idea for Narrative was hatched. A Mother’s hard work goes uncelebrated, and we wanted to change that. We got to work creating tiny trophies for Moms. The kind of jewelry pieces you can wear daily that express your individual style and personality. We design curated collections of jewelry pieces that mix style, symbolism and self-expression with quality that is made to last a lifetime. 

Moms have the hardest job in the world, but the best job in the world. We’re here to celebrate and support mothers across the globe and remind all of us what true badass women we are.

Signed, Staci + Steph

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I like to say that I am even parts bohemian, rocker and classic Mom. I love the color and sparkle of gemstones, feel badass in a thick silver chain and also often rock a simple pair of hoops when carpooling kids all over town! These are some of my all time favorites and go-to pieces.

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Stephanie is definitely the more Rock n' Roll of the two of us. She is known to rock her Doc Marten's both in the winter with jeans and with a breezy Summer dress and make it look cool. She loves vintage-inspired chains like the Marlo, who we, of course, named after her daughter and the Gwen, after her muse, Stefani.