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Our Materials

Our jewelry is made to last and not afraid of a little sweat. We offer a 5-year warranty and a lifetime repair service, because these aren't your daughters pieces, but they may be someday.

Recycled Gold & Silver

These aren’t your daughter’s pieces, but they might be one day. All of our pieces are made with 100% recycled silver and gold. The material we use is the same high-quality metal mined throughout the world, but with less impact on our environment. Doing our part to ensure our children’s children are able to share their stories, runs through all we do.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

We only use fine-jewelry materials and the highest quality silver on the market. The official designation of "sterling" to a piece of silver indicates that it contains at least 92.5% of pure silver. In addition, we rhodium plate all of our pieces to give them an even more luxurious luster and provide a protective layer against tarnishing and wear. All of our silver is hallmarked with 92.5 to authenticate its fine metal quality.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Pronounced Ver-May, this material is the closest to solid gold available and perfect for jewelry made to last. Vermeil is the technique where a thick, 14k gold coating of at least 2.5 microns (that must be certified during production) is layered atop fine 92.5 sterling silver. Our Vermeil jewelry is five times thicker than average gold plating and themost durable on the market.

Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold-fill is a more complex process than simple gold-plating, a step we take to ensure our jewelry is beautiful when purchased and can stand the test of time. Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold that is mechanically heat-bonded to a base of jewelers brass or sterling silver. All of our gold-filled jewelry follows the Federal Trade Commission standards, and is constituted of at least 5% of the item's total weight in gold to earn the “GF” or “1/20” hallmark stamped onto each of our pieces.