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Sizing Guide

Not sure what size necklace or bracelet you need? We’re here for you. Here are three simple steps to make sure you’re purchasing the perfect size.


Step #1

Grab a string. Or some dental floss. Or a shoe string… whatever you have that’s long enough to measure your neck or wrist.

Step #2

Wrap the string around your neck or wrist to a point where it will fit comfortably.

Step #3

Determine which product length would fit your neck or wrist best, depending on the look and fit that you prefer. 

Necklace Sizing Tips

Cut a stringto 16”, 18” or 20” to determine what length will fit best for the piece you’re looking to buy.

We know that layering is important, so each Narrative necklace comes with an extension chain, free of charge. That’s right. We’ve got your back… or neck that is. :)

Bracelet Sizing Tips

When in doubt, size up!
6” - 7” is the most popular size purchased.

Still unsure?
Click here to download our printable bracelet template.