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Narrative Style Guide 

The Easy Layering Formula Every Woman Should Know

Telling your story and being in charge of your own narrative is incredibly empowering. With our collection of necklaces and pendants, you can share your personal story in a meaningful way. And to help you make the most of your Narrative pieces, we're breaking down the layering formula into three easy steps to guarantee a beautiful, personalized look. 

Styling 101 with Staci

The Perfect Stack

Step #1

Choose your base

We love to start with the basics. A nice gold or silver chain serves as a foundation for your look. Bold or dainty, this chain sets the tone for your stack.

Step #2

Introduce texture

Give your look personality with some color and texture. Gemstones create an effortless "found item" look that feels personal and unique.

Step #3

Finish with a
feature piece

Finish your set with a pendant that pulls the whole thing together. It grounds the layers and adds length to the overall look.