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Real Moms Wear Narrative: Petra Ives

Why did you decide to do this hike for Make a Wish?  

Make-A-Wish San Diego is near and dear to my heart. I've been working with them since 2017, helping with the event branding of their Wine & Wishes Fundraiser Gala. That's how I heard about the hike. The challenge: hike 28 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail in one day while raising funds for kids with critical illnesses to make their wishes come true! I was up for it. 

I thought about my daughter, Ella, who had a rough start in life and had to endure a year of hospital visits, testing, probing and poking, treatments and therapy. It turns your world upside down and is hard for the entire family. Luckily she pulled through. But not every child gets that lucky. That's why I trained, hiked, and fundraised for more wishes. A wish can spark the belief that anything is possible and give these children and their families the strength to fight on. 

What's your favorite Narrative Piece?

If you see me, you would think my favorite Narrative piece is the Danielle Pendant because I wear it almost every day. But I really love the Genevieve Matte Black Onyx Necklace. It's the right amount of timeless and boldness that gives me that little extra when I put it on.

What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I am very analytical, make strategic decisions, and stick to my plan. But there was that one time when I fell in love at first sight with an American traveling through Germany, dropped everything, and followed him to San Diego. And here we are, 22 years and 2 kids later.

What is your favorite thing about Narrative?

I am slowly accumulating my little Narrative collection. I love how all the pieces go together, creating different looks. I can dress them up for a night out and down for my everyday. I always feel put together in a subtle, sophisticated way. And the quality is impressive. Each piece feels well-made and does not irritate my skin.